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Free 10 Day Marketing Trial
Only A Few Spots Left!
How we're helping some of our clients..
         Concord, NC
Personalized Wire Jewelry
  • ​Branding: Company Branding, Content creation, product detail images, Social Media Fan page creation 
  • Marketing: Using various forms of social media, we are generating and driving traffic to various sales front to increase sales.  
  • Strategy: How to transitions fans into paying customers. 
Lucky Fish Skill Arcade
          Liberty, NC
Skill Arcades
  • Brand awareness: Created outlets to gain local attention and awareness. 
  • Creative Content: Actual content to share, edited photos, promos, ads
  • Local Targeted ads: Gain recurring customers and connect with new local potential customers. 
iLay outdoors 
         Charlotte, NC
  • ​Branding: Completely branding of company - logo creation,  advertisements, entertainment pictures, product detail images, etc. 
  • Marketing: By the use of social media and SEO we've grown their audience online and in store. 
  • Strategy: Created strategies for inventory management, employee management and day to day operations
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Beltone Hearing Centers
         Cornelius, NC
  • Marketing: Introducing new online marketing approaches 
  • Web design: Design and build web pages and funnel marketing strategies 
Turner Lawncare
                         Liberty, NC
  • Website Development: Complete lead capturing website for client generation. 
  •  Brand/Logo Creation: Created online presence and brand face. 
  •  Social Media ads creation: Attracting targeted audiences
  •  Marketing/Targeting: Find and pinpoint potential customers based off of current and previous customer data. 
Clear Again Headlights
                         Charlotte, NC
  • Full Social Media Management: We focused on Facebook to create a face for the brand to operate off of.
  •  Ad Creation and Online Targeting: Develop ads to attract new audiences
  •  Business Model mapping: We developed a sales process so that we could convert an online customer to an in person customer.   
  •  Customer acquisition: After targeting and attracting new audiences, we helped turn interested prospects into leads. 
                         Charlotte, NC
  • Website Development
  • Funnel building and lead acquisition 
  • ​Brand Showcasing and awareness
                         Belmont, NC
  • Website Development
  • Funnel building and lead acquisition 
  • ​Interactive scheduling 
  • ​Social media management
  • ​Brand creatives 
  • ​Product and promotional sourcing  
                         Indian Trail, NC
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ​Social media management
  • ​Brand creatives 
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