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Free 10 Day Marketing Trial
Free 10 Day Marketing Trial
Only A Few Spots Left!
Dedicated to Growing Your Business
Dedicated to Growing 
Your Business
Brand and Online Presence Building
  • Website Development​- Sales Funnels, Event Promotions, Lead Generation & Product Launches are our specialty, but we do much more!
  • Social media Presence - Establish your business online and tap into the benefits of a strong social media presence. 
  • Reviews and Brand Authority - Gain the trust of new customers and look credible in your industry. 
Expanding With Business Services
  • Scheduling Solutions​- Get your team on the same page. Upcoming appointments, meetings and deadlines all streamlined so your team stays up to date.   
  • Branding- Logos, business cards, illustrations, videos, demos, social media covers and other design services to represent your brand. 
  • Physical Displays - Design and supply of physical marketing materials such as signs, inflatables, handouts, display boards etc.  
Bringing New Loyal Customers
  • Business to Customer​- Our team has experience and success in both product and service sales both online and in retail.   
  • Business to Business - Helping develop strategic connections between businesses to promote production and sales growth. 
  • Brand to Audience - Grow awareness of an event, idea, book launch, or location. 
About Us
We take time to get to know you and your business personally so that we can develop and grow an online presence and reputation that truly represents your work ethic, values and skill sets. 

When working with us, you will receive a dedicated team member who walks with you step by step to develop an online plan to help attract new customers, bring in new leads, get more sales and establish relationships that help your business grow.

It's more than simply building websites. 
We get to know you and your team and find out exactly how your company operates so that we can implement the best ways to grow your business. 

That's our main goal, growing your business. 

When you work with us, you've got a whole new team in your corner fighting for your business' success. 
We don't grow unless you grow.. 
ilay Outdoors Co. 
"In less than 3 months, Jamie and his team took our business from having $0 in sales to over $28,000. They helped us expand from just our website to having 2 retail locations and having products across multiple online platforms. They helped us build a connection with a huge social media account that is advertising and promoting our brand. The designers helped us create and assemble packaging designs and not only did the artwork, but also wrote the product specifications and details. 

Our business has grown dramatically with the help of the Empire Group Groups specialty marketing package. Our Instagram has growth on average of 15 true organic followers per day since they took over our account. 

We are happy and thoroughly impressed. Thank you Empire Bloom!"
Clear Again Headlight Restorations
"Empire bloom created a Facebook Advertisement plan for us that has helped us get our cost to find new customers for $1.20 each. They were able to completely set up everything for us online. The site they built works great and looks professional. Our online ads are working way better than the signs we've been buying and using on the side of the road. 

They know a lot about internet stuff but told me upfront when something wasn't certain. It turned out they were right and we're going to keep using them monthly."
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