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Our Services
Lead Generation
What makes our system unique?
Here's an example of a common problem that our services overcome. 

 You send traffic to your website,hoping to make sales or appointments. For you to even make money, a customer must go through the following steps: 
1. Go to your site
2. Navigate to your online store
3. Read your content
4. Place the item in the virtual shopping cart
5. Click proceed to checkout
6. Input their personal info
7.Provide payment details
8. Click proceed and finish the checkout process. 

Most people get lost at step 3 and rarely make it to the final step because it's not simple enough for them to easily dish out money. 
 Our system guides users into finding what they actually want without showing them all of the unnecesary steps (Fluff) that your website has. 

You have a stunning website, but you get no sales and that makes you sad. Our system helps fix that. Let us show you how. 
Social Media Management 
Have you been trying to grow your social media accounts but find that you have not enough time to manage and work it day in and day out? Growing accounts is work that you must stay dedicated to. Let our experts help grow your social media accounts 20-50 genuinely interested new followers per day. Easy and low cost plans to help get you more exposure that your comapany deserves. 
Customer Analytics 
Our team is able to analyze consumer buying data and previous order history and directly target new consumers who actively have an interest in your product, service or events. Specifically targetted audiences are more likely to buy or connect with your business when reached through our unique marketing system that increases the rate of them calling you, versus you chasing them.  
Campaign Design /
Ad Creation 
We have a solid team of high performing digital artists and videographers with a long history of creating unique and brilliant advertising plans. Not only do we target the best audiences for your niche, but we also have creative experts to design and produce advertisments, unique to your business, that actually attract consumers.
We will create a marketing system that will guide interested users all the way from clicking on an ad to scheduling an appointment with you or buying your product/service.  
After we review data, we will determine the best markets for you to advertise to. It doesn't stop there, after we find actual interested new potential clients, we market to them again and again different ways until they are familiar with your brand enough to give you their money. 

Do you click on most ads you see? No, and neither do we at first. However, after seeing an ad multiple times, customers are more likely to engage with your content and follow through to a sale because of your brand relevance. We are strategic in continuously placing structured ads in front users who have shown interest in your brand. 
Logo Creation and Brand Creatives 
Our digital artists create anything from the most simple logo design to detailed brand artworks. We offer full photo editing, photoshop, video production and many other media capabilities.
Our goal is to take your business and make it a brand that people recognise. The more people that remember your name, the more referrals and legitimacy you add to your business.
Our creations are niche specific and intentional to popular, well converting trends. 
Branding and Package Design 
We offer full packaging design.
Logos, copy, verbiage, testimonials, specifications etc. We start from the beginning and walk through all aspects of package design and creation. 
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